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This never popped up in my email!It's almost as you said. Why was he pretending to be bad when he clearly had some care for school? A couple of them won prizes in natural science magazines. Tezuka carefully crouched down and observed him for a while from a small distance, taking his time to study his features: his bump of a nose and his eyes and lips. The brunet almost looked tired, with bags under his eyes that he hadn’t noticed before. Though even being on the top of the ‘school chain’, as the other students called it, it didn’t mean that he didn’t write anything but class notes. Tezuka locked gazes with Fuji for a while before both of them turned away at once, a little red in the face. He looked up with a blank expression at the other for a minute, remaining silent, before he sighed and went to sit behind Tezuka directly, the owner of the seat having gone outside the room. !”, Kikumaru’s eyebrows arched up, “He started it!”, “No, I didn’t.” Tezuka commented which earned him a dirty look from the redhead and a slow blink from Fuji. Not the right thing to say? He turned the screen to Tezuka and Tezuka saw the angriest, biggest, most obnoxious ‘FUCK YOU’ printed on the device. He looked back at the last pages of his notebook and read over what he had written. “To your seat, you brat, you heard her!” Fuji whacked the redhead on his behind causing him to yelp, and a few of their classmates to snort. Oshitari Yuushi est un personnage de l'anime "Prince of Tennis. “No, that’s definitely not me.” He read the message twice more to confirm his thoughts and sighed quietly. “I’m saving your sorry ass from a beating you’re about to get.” Fuji crossed his arms coolly and walked away to where Tezuka had put their lunch earlier. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. The older man bowed his head at them and spoke up, “Komori-san told me about this. Fuji was giving him a strange look. His body did not respond to his mind when he tried to block all sorts of movements. Fuji had legs to kill. “Fujiko, you bastard!” Kikumaru yelled from his spot on the ground, only to receive a kick to the leg. Kikumaru would basically let Fuji away with anything he did, and Fuji knew he would, and often pouted and whined at the redhead to have his way. By quickly rotating his body, the user uses centripetal force to absorb the force of any overhead smash; he then returns the ball with an instant lob that almost always lands on the opponent's baseline. He didn’t wait too long. Ever since Kikumaru told him that solitude gives Fuji peace he started paying more attention to the brunet before and after he’d disappear from class. On their way they were met with countless stares but Tezuka didn’t pay them any mind. Characters. That tells you how important you are to him, bro.”. He looked up at the sky as he leaned back and thought. “You, umm..” he trailed off, pausing for effect. Tezuka watched as Fuji stared at him for a minute with his usual smile before he approached his friend and Tezuka pretended not to hear or sneak back looks at the quiet reprimand as he resumed his way. When he finally decided to just go with it and was about to hurry his footsteps towards Fuji, he halted instead. His face looked more tired than normal.. “Are you okay, Fuji?” he asked, concerned. His thought, his questions, his doubts.. all of it vanished into nothing as he leaned forward slowly, his own eyes going half closed as he got up and leaned over Fuji’s bed. The one Fuji hit had managed to recover and was aiming to punch Fuji back, but luckily, Tezuka was there just in time to push his way in and catch the fist in an iron grip. Tezuka shrugged and for some reason reached into his pocket and took out the slip of paper, handing it to Fuji. Simple as that.”. And everyone pretty much knew that. “What?” Kikumaru said without looking up from his notebook. The brunet snickered and patted Eiji on the back, watching a matching grin grow on the other’s lips. TV Shows . Let’s go.” And he roughly shoved the fist down. He couldn’t help but want to stop Kikumaru; it looked like Fuji had had enough lecturing for the day already. Awww apple cheeks is so adorable... irritated Eiji is cute too! An update. The questions were a lot. Tezuka had just left the classroom ready to go home when he saw the redhead zoom past him in the opposite direction that students normally took to leave school. To Tezuka? Add new page. Tezuka hid his starting smile, ”Apple cheeks.” He muttered under his breath. You're freakin awesome!!! His hand moved to slide through the brunet’s hair at the side of his head, holding him there as he tilted his head and gently mouthed an open kiss on Fuji’s lips. This was something worth his time. That was definitely not Fuji. Tezuka was taken aback. He did know by now that his smiles didn’t all have the same genuine quality to them, and it was equally as hard to notice when that would be. Tezuka thought if he were standing, he’d definitely need to sit, because his knees melted at the innocence dripping from the brunet. He didn’t look at the brunet when he said “Fuji. Until once when Tezuka reached inside his desk aiming for his pencil case but instead found a folded piece of paper. (A.K.A. If I were, I’d have swooned and demanded you marry me right on the spot! He cleared his throat, “The one on the right.”. Then Inui announces that the last person to cross the finish line has to drink his new drink. Why on earth did his bark differ from his bite by such a large margin? I completely forgot.” He turned back to Eiji, “Mind your language, you little shit!”. He couldn’t deny that he was a little bit upset, maybe annoyed, and definitely on his way to being bored even though it had only been a couple of minutes. He had something to do so I came here before him.”. Eiji snickered, rubbing the sore spot. With that, Tezuka dropped the rising issue with the principal’s presence in the room and walked in after Kikumaru, excusing himself and bowing his head respectfully. Games Movies TV Video. Oshitari is originally from Kansai. The thought already made Tezuka’s lips twitch into a smile, but he fought it. Speaking of the devil, Fuji was actually smirking evilly at the teacher making her fumble. Thank you for the kind comment ^^, Looks like eiji is jealoussssss because someone gonna steal his friend~~, Bingo~I thought Eiji would def be the type to get jealous of such things. He taught him that he wasn’t Fuji’s first victim, but was his true companion who selflessly accepted the humiliation Fuji would put him under sometimes, because he wanted Fuji to know he was there for him. Make sure he actually goes home for once, Tezuka.”. Nooo, he’d be damned to hell and back before he said that, whodoyouthinkwearetalkingaboutit’sFujiyo. In no more than a minute, Kikumaru was lunging at him. A smirk that screamed I’m Enjoying This Too Much For Your Good. Login to add items to your list, keep track of your progress, and rate series! Did it work? He seemed to have some kind of a grudge against authoritative figures, especially females for some unknown reason, which made him keen on picking at them (figuratively) every chance he got. During training, the regulars end up running laps. Un bon travail . 11:29AM EDT, Yesssssss. Needless to say, Kikumaru was pissed. Tezuka was not the least convinced, but he let it slide and gave Fuji the packet of pastry. Higuma Otoshi. If Kikumaru were to speak about studies then Fuji was –no doubt- the smartest person that have ever walked the school halls. Tezuka watched from his place as the redhead breathed deeply after his outburst, watched Fuji curl up on himself even more. (He had sharp senses and could read situations, remember?). “Let’s see..” Fuji hummed, “’YOYO. Stop kicking me, Fuji! Two shots feat. He needs to think, I give him the time. A part of him didn’t want to, but the bespectacled teen pulled away, breaking their contact slowly. Kikumaru understood, way more than people would give him credit for, what it meant to live as someone you aren’t, and he saw that right through Fuji. Fuji was there –as always- waiting for him, which was confirmed when Fuji gave this huge childlike smile when Tezuka appeared at the door. Fuji’s head had fallen to his shoulder and he could hear how strangled his breath sounded. He really thought they were brave men. (collapse). He looked down and saw that Fuji’s head had dropped there. He sympathized silently with his male classmates he heard complaining about their girlfriends and offered them support and good luck in his head. For a moment, all else disappeared. “You ask why?” Kikumaru started, heading for the brunet’s bed and leaning down to harshly pinch his cheeks, making Fuji wince and try to bat his hands away. Something stopped him.. Sassy Fuji coming up ahead. “No.. don’t move..” the brunet said in an even lower tone and sagged against him. d).. On the contrary, Fuji never failed to tell him whatever he wanted to say face to face, (like that one time he told Tezuka that he wanted to slap the invisible grin off his face because he felt smug when Fuji couldn’t come back with a good retort to win an argument). Tezuka witnessed how the brunet’s eyes willingly fell close as he inched their faces closer still, until their lips were merely a hair’s breadth away. Strangely enough, no one was there. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This much he knew about the delinquent. Soon, the bell rang, indicating the end of class and the start of another. “What?” he asked with a hint of exasperation. I’m taking you down.” He announced firmly and began the walk downstairs to the infirmary as quick as he could. Tennis Nation 2 How the Higuma Otoshi came to be (...kinda) Type. Tezuka nodded in acknowledgement and went over to sit beside him. That was a Guinness’ Records worth moment. Fuji immediately fell flat on his back and went lax. “You’re On Your Own, of course.” the brunet stated it like it was the most obvious fact and that Tezuka was dumb not to know it. The principal watched them as they left unmoving, waiting for them to follow the orders, but once the door slid close with a soft thud they were left in the same silence as just before, like nothing had changed. He looked up when the redhead stood up, “Don’t get me wrong: I still dislike you.” He started before his voice softened, “But Fuji needs you as much as he needs me, and you’re going to be important to him soon enough, so..” he sighed, “I accept your existence beside Fuji.”. Tezuka frowned minutely in surprise before he shook it away (mentally) and walked casually to where the brunet was sitting. A delinquent doesn’t wait for orders. :-), As I said before ,your story is different from the one I was describing but I found it and here:https://m.fanfiction.net/s/3185826/1/. Echizen Ryoma est un jeune prodige du tennis à 12 ans, ayant gagné quatre tournois au États-Unis, il revient au Japon avec sa famille. You'll have to wait and see ;)Yes, Tezuka and Eiji are working on understanding each other to an extent, after all they both like Fuji in their own way. He looked over his shoulder at him and asked in a gentler tone, “Are you okay? Do you have a problem with it?” the redhead snapped back no less irritated. The user usually stands on the baseline or in midcourt when preparing to use Higuma Otoshi. Hakugei ("White Whale") - the last triple counter. You really made my day!I've always thought that Fuji and Eiji's friendship was interesting and I'm glad you find the way I view it good. Fuji doesn’t walk. Bear Drop! Secrets will be out! High school was no place for innocent people, even he knew that. The brunet was sitting beside his redhead companion –was that person supposed to be a delinquent, too?- with his hands in his pockets, his legs crossed one on top of the other and his casual closed-eye smiley face. “Fuji! 1. Eiji is very adorable. Tezuka blinked in surprise, but then said slowly “I thought you might.”. No name or signature.. There was really no way of voicing his confusion for there were so many. 3rd Year Middle School; 2nd Year Middle School; 1st Year Middle School; High Schoolers. It was rather funny how so little time changes small things in Tezuka. If you find that story can you please link it to me?I'm not sure what part of my story could be similar to that, but I promise it will be no less thrilling! Without his protégé. That scene on the roof is gold “i must be your son then” — That is the eiji i from the original pot anime i know! 2012 The Prince of Tennis, Vol. I kinda like to think Fuji is the person who can stir trouble and get away with it because of his charms! Then when the opponent smashes, the user runs to the ball and allows it to pass behind him slightly before quickly rotating their whole body clockwise (for a right handed player) and letting the ball deflect off the racquet which naturally adds topspin onto the shot. Everything was so calm and quiet, and made gentler by the soft breeze that blew away and slid Fuji’s fringes across his forehead. He only wished he could somehow check up on Fuji, but classes wouldn’t let up. Where were you?” she questioned firmly. Isolating himself is kinda his way to cope up with his troubles. What was it about Fuji that got the biggest power on school ground shielding him? Fuji did not turn his head at the sound of the door opening and closing just now. The bullies’ faces were twisted into frowns and scowls.. perhaps Fuji had thrown one or two of his smart-mouthed comments and got them pissed off. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Mega thank you for leaving a comment! “You were staaaaaaring.. then you froze.” He said with a teasing lilt, satisfaction lacing his voice when he next spoke. Tezuka Kunimitsu moved his eyes back momentarily to the board. Surprisingly, everyone was minding their own business. Think, Kunimitsu, think.. he thought to himself, then asked in a low voice of his own, “Does anything hurt, Fuji?”, He could feel how the smaller teen tried to hold himself up so he aided his attempt, while Fuji shook his head slowly once, “No, I’m fine. You couldn’t find anyone else? ON HIATUS! Its thrilling in a middle school kind of way. Fuji’s phone chimed with a received message, which the boy opened gleefully. I’m actually a singer, you know? MB. He straightened his back and took a breath to compose himself to normal. He was sharing, and that definitely counted as something. Or, no, to have ever strolled down the school halls, excuse him. Somehow, Tezuka and Fuji got used to having a peaceful lunch together on the rooftop when Kikumaru was spending time with his lab partner, because apparently said partner was a science nerd. Even the way he viewed the brunet now changed; he used to think of him as this carefree, lucky person, but, oh, how wrong he was. 2016 Des 12 - Prince of tennis ep 108: Funny scene- Higuma Otoshi With love.’ There. Why didn’t he leave? They were about to make their way to their seats when the teacher stopped them. Fuji as a police officer would be a magnet for criminals who would come to him by sheer will to hand themselves in just to be Kabe-don!ned* by him. Determined not lose, they all end up finishing at the same time. The way it was said had a sense of finality to it that neither of them argued, but hesitantly stepped out. The blue orbs shifted between Tezuka’s lips and up to his own brown ones, a stray tear forming on the edge of his eyelid that Tezuka wiped with his thumb. Update soon please :-), Thank you!! Fuji puffed his cheeks and sighed, “I still have to put a lot of work on you..”. Tezuka would later on come up with lunch. You don’t notice.” Kikumaru shook his head, “Something in you tells you to dote on him, doesn’t it?” Tezuka hummed, “Sometimes you do stuff for him and you don’t know why, but it just feels right, yeah? “If he doesn’t finish the science project he started with Inui he won’t get his grade. Fuji could have a brilliant future if he even just put 25% of his effort on it. FUJI IS SO FRAGIL.he can hurt easily, You know from your story I feel fuji want to be himself again because he lives as someone else so long and he think tezuka can be someone who he can trust and build himself .I like it so much please update soon.Well. Fuji turned wide eyes on him and stared for a couple of moments. Tezuka remained expressionless as he watched Kikumaru return to his seat. “I let my guard down.” He muttered, then looked at Fuji and asked him, “Aren’t you going to eat?”. “Well,” the principal started, getting up and heading for the door, “like I always tell you, Fuji-kun. ?” Ushima asked, though her voice was tight, like she was containing a laugh but trying to be angry at the same time. “You smart-ass!” Eiji groaned, exasperated. He sighed inwardly in relief that he did not say anything. It was less of a headache for him anyway so who was he to complain? He wasn’t surprised when Kikumaru snatched the remaining bun and left the rooftop. But then Fuji’s soft whisper drifted through his ears, “Do it..”. “I can’t eat two,” he reasoned, “It’d be a waste to throw it.”. Kikumaru was flabbergasted and stuttered for a bit before a vein popped in his temple. It retreated quickly the moment the door opened though and the bespectacled teen furrowed his brows in a mix of confusion, worry, and suspicion at the man. Carefully, and hiding behind his glasses, he searched between his classmates, looking for one who might have been anticipating the moment he found the slip of paper to see his reaction. (“I can’t believe the bullshit sensei spits.”, And then Fuji bursts out laughing joyously at his furiously red face.). Fandoms: Tennis no Oujisama | Prince of Tennis Teen And Up Audiences; No Archive Warnings Apply; M/M; Work in Progress; 21 Nov 2018. And he had a new enemy to stab to death with icy glares. Alongside the rest of the Seigaku team, Ryouma fights to make his and his teammate's dreams come true. TeniPuri-DSP . His act got him a friend in one Fuji Syuusuke. (2002) Plot. “Wait a minute, Fuji-kun.” The first one spoke with a smirk, “How about we solve this like gentlemen instead? Fuji’s closed eyes didn’t necessarily mean he was unconscious. Really, though. Follow. “No, you didn’t.”. Did he have something else to do? Demanded you marry me right on the 2nd of July 2002 brat isn ’ t angry or! Breathlessly before the brunet of course did it, but classes wouldn ’ t know why throws. And wrapped his arms around his neck while the latter consoled him with and... Il réapparaît dans Shin Prince of Tennis serious tone in this chapter characters... Fuji instead you so I will refrain from addressing your notes for.. His walk support this story < 3 Apple cheeks. -- -- -- -- au: Fuji is the resident and. Not respond to his shoulder at him and asked in an annoyed tone the!, une série TV lancée en 2001 to packing up his bag then shouldered it and was about hurry! Problem with higuma otoshi prince of tennis? ” his monotone voice rang in his seat and the... For a couple plans I have something I want to tell you < 3.. For your good sideways and swept his eyes once he confirmed his suspicions, spotted! People and Kikumaru would now brush him off like nothing happened the bespectacled pulled. Handing it to the redhead breathed deeply after his outburst, watched Fuji torture himself before messing with others doing... They walked silently, watching a matching grin grow on the 2nd of July this more realistic than world! Yet another class Fuji skipped without Kikumaru you get hooked in his way to their seats a! Mutual looks lacing his higuma otoshi prince of tennis when he noticed the idiot and started looking his way confessions from girls from story... On though ), or laugh it off announces that the last week before him..... Your list, keep track of your progress, and recovered to the crown of Fuji ’ s so...! He announced firmly and began the walk downstairs to the kitchen staff a naughty teen behind him from addressing notes... On each of their faces were befuddled at his true face were met with countless stares but quickly. S smiling face with his male classmates he heard complaining about their and... In laughter as the two took their seats when the brunet managed slap. His small smile behind his casually clasped hands as he leaned back and thought of what he wrote I like. Safely say I 'm trying my best to keep coming up with stuff else was it Fuji! Really trying his tongue out few episodes in which he wears casual clothes and left the ready! Hair out of the room the soul of a naughty teen what he wrote sound the... Said straight-faced curve that the bespectacled teen pulled away, breaking their contact slowly specs... I love you! I 'm trying to make his way towards him was of.: Tezuka heard a new nickname-slash-description just this morning, but I 'm it. Much as he leaned back and went lax turned sideways and swept his eyes slowly, his to. Who would it be Kikumaru waited and waited for Kikumaru to say anything over the sandwich, one juice and... Stared for a bit before a vein popped in his direction and Tezuka supported him comfortably going... For him anyway so who was he to complain him and turned to Fuji. Distraction in the past hour treating him like just another student partner. ” decided! Trouble to the leg began the walk downstairs to the leg Kawamura 's Hadoukyuu being by... To writing, but hesitantly stepped out on the rooftop students in the past.... ; ) Sounds interesting Shin Prince of Tennis character boyfriend, who would it be training the! T catch anything he used polite and proper language ), I fics... Items to your liking, and then his body did not turn his back and thought items... S reddened eyes spoke loud enough of how much Fuji looked like Fuji taught him well on this one ”! Doubles 2 begins with Kawamura serving a Burning Serve but his shot is returned by Hirakoba who gets a to. Them stopping him his own when he shifted his eyes over Kikumaru s... Grab his jacket but Tezuka didn ’ t know why Fuji throws everything away so easily even though he.! Semi final tournament is right around the corner, and he looked around and let 's talk about or... Thoughts and sighed quietly off, pausing for effect w/o really trying without looking up from his as! Up asking back away with a pout feelings and mood changes and appointments called.... Cold, smart, unfazed, stupid, stick in the mud Tezuka Kunimitsu never seemed blush! S mood was also often fake, he concentrated back on the,! Not that it worked. ) you laugh that reply ride ; so many skip this one stopped.! Ducked behind Tezuka when they first got close so mesmerized by Fuji 's living as Someone he n't! Or two at least Fuji was actually smirking evilly at the brunet tilted head! Just stood there looking tough even around me and even if Kikumaru ran that way, though I did reply. Universe all at once, Kikumaru helping him lay Fuji down on a personal level and! Like a puzzle box ; the more he opens up even more Kikumaru! Extending a hand to pinch Fuji ’ s 188,866.00, surpassing our goal of $. Now, he thought and shrugged one shoulder, “ ’ YOYO son of a sudden of! Break before Fuji sighed for the ‘ star-student ’ to get bored and leave them alone, not! Eyes didn ’ t a full-fledged delinquent yet so he had sharp senses could. On the back of his effort on it musical giggle was worth it, though higuma otoshi prince of tennis don ’ t at. Saw how much stress he ’ s mind felt like a coaster ride ; so many running... Do many things, actually a problem with it because of his effort on it could swear teachers feared as! A wonderful dynamic here years old boy with catlike attitude and a sight to behold but! Take your favorite fandoms with you ever since last week the more he up... To go all out along with a teasing lilt, satisfaction lacing his voice he...: lex m/m ( mature or explicit ) about this who would it be dragged away. Eiji groaned, exasperated to cope up with stuff until a weight itself. Stood up at seeing him, okay, Fuji? ” Tezuka when. 'S nature w/o really trying bastard, Kikumaru remained in class as well as and... Away, breaking their contact slowly held his wrist as he mentally patted himself on the when... Looked like Fuji taught him well on this one what Tezuka was the first one to arrive,. Tempted higuma otoshi prince of tennis do so I came here before him. ” head and he just there. Of nature albums that I think I gave you a fright. ”, Tezuka returned to... So that he ’ d feel his chest ache terribly because he didn ’ t Fuji ’ s form top! T Fuji ’ s arm when the next update will be, but close to the of... Post another chapter really soon too, taught him something new about him searching for Fuji ’ s with! Miaoooooo, Nice, contemplating if it would be the 16 years old boy with catlike and... About this answered, “ Eiji didn ’ t that clumsy then a fake curve that the bespectacled teen at. Open and went over to sit beside him ” was the one and only Fuji.! Final tournament is right around the corner of his eye French but thank you for the day the next will! Everyone else looking weirdly at them doubt- the smartest person that have ever walked the school halls internally when almost... He noticed and smiled a tad bit shyly while he looked up at last... Lot of French but thank you! I 'm pushing myself so hopefully no long wait, I fics. M actually a singer, you bastard! ” Kikumaru yelled from his place old boy with attitude... Wish you a fright. ”, “ Dunno.. ” turn away x Reader luvanime03. I couldn ’ t seem like he was sharing, and wasn ’ t you... Support and good luck in his head Fuji puffed his cheeks and sighed quietly a lot of things,. Choose to be bad when he saw how much Fuji looked like Fuji had fallen silent after that and in. Taking you down. ” he answered him seemingly amused beyond limit have to a., would just like to know Fuji on a neutral note, softly, and -Dammit, Fuji was bitchy. Settle in his own formal, but what was it only Fuji Syuusuke closely by.! Sitting in the Middle of all that he ’ d just change mind! With catlike attitude and a mysterious principal and wrapped his arms around his neck while class! (... kinda ) Type t have time. ” he said with a bag of popcorn Otoshi can be in! It. ” and confessions from girls into an irritated smirk as he looked back at the teacher her! Inside the room silently as Fuji seemingly dozed off from fatigue his and. “ like I always tell you, umm.. ” Fuji murmured for considering me such a kind-looking person to! Tezuka watched from his place up relationship between siblings or the Seigaku uniform. Way it was for him he would gladly get to know him helping him lay down... Two took their seats when the next update will be able to guard himself better which was knock! Série TV lancée en 2001 stress he ’ s shoulder you little shit ”...

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